Brad Holmes Defends Dan Campbell, Takes 'Offense' to Recent Criticisms

Brad Holmes would like head coach Dan Campbell to be recognized for "elite" traits as a person and as a head coach.

New Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes is irked that certain members of the media have only focused on short soundbites from head coach Dan Campbell's media sessions. 

"Sometimes, I kind of take a little offense that's all that's put out about him all the time," Holmes told The Detroit News. "He is incredibly intelligent and smart. …He's an elite leader, an elite communicator, he has elite presence. He has a lot of special, elite traits, not only as a coach, but as a human being. The way he treats people, you don't find that all the time." 

Joy Taylor, co-host of "The Herd," recently upset the majority of Lions supporters when she tweeted out, "I want better for you Lions fans. That’s all," after seeing Campbell wearing a racing helmet last week. 

In a recent Q&A with SI All Lions, Taylor explained her reasoning for the recent criticism. 

Taylor commented, "I think you can have fun. I think you can make jokes. I think you can wear the helmet and do all that goofy stuff after you've shown I'm serious. This is a serious organization. Not that you have to be serious 24/7. We know that. But, present yourself in a way that you're building something. And, to me, it just seems kind of gimmicky and silly."

After nearly a week of debating irritated fans, Taylor posted on social media her submission to the barrage of backlash she faced.

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"I give up Lions fans I submit! Y’all got it figured out! Biting knee caps and wearing racing helmets is the way to victory. I can’t argue with y’all no more! Let’s talk Week 17."

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