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For Darrell Bevell, 'There's No Rearview Mirror'

Read more on Darrell Bevell's first day addressing the team, after former head coach Matt Patricia was fired on Saturday.

Interim head coach Darrell Bevell finally had the opportunity to address the team he will be in charge of for the next five weeks. 

Due to the rise in cases of coronavirus, the league sent a memo for teams to operate virtually on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday was the first opportunity Bevell had to address his team at the Lions' practice facility in Allen Park, Mich. 

In an eight-minute meeting, Detroit's interim head coach wanted the team to focus on its goals and to have a mindset that there are still goals that can be achieved.

"Really, my message to them was about perspective and changing our perspective and turning that thing forward. There's no rearview mirror. We're looking forward, moving ahead and we're straight dialed in on Chicago. That was my message," Bevell told reporters during a video conference Wednesday.

During their media sessions, players reiterated that they felt there was still much to play for over the course of the next five games.

"He pretty much (said), 'I want everybody to come in here refreshed and (to be) of the mindset that we still have something to play for. We're only two games out, to try to be able to get a wild card spot, and there's still a lot to play for,'" offensive tackle Taylor Decker said. "If you can't get excited to go out there and try to win then, I mean, do you have a pulse? I don't know." 


Cornerback Justin Coleman explained how he feels the will to compete is still present inside the locker room. 

"I mean, I could sense the energy in these guys," Coleman said. "I guess it's just the will to continue to compete. These guys are just looking forward to another game, another opportunity just to play with each other."

Patricia and former Detroit general manager Bob Quinn turned to several former members of the Patriots' roster in an attempt to build up support in the locker room. 

Expectedly, Collins expressed his constant awareness of the business side of the NFL, but also how it was still challenging to deal with Patricia being fired. 

Despite no longer working with the defensive coach he previously played for in New England, Collins is happy Bevell has his current opportunity. 

"I'm happy for whoever they gave the job to," he said. "It's all a blessing. It's all an opportunity. We just got to make the best of it, and we'll see how it goes. He's (Bevell) always been a great guy to me. He's never said anything bad. He's never done anything funny. I always liked him. So, we'll see."

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