Upgrading the Secondary Should Be a Priority for Lions

John Maakaron

Most are aware that the Detroit Lions should upgrade the talent along the defensive line. In the 2020 NFL draft and free agency, Detroit must also consider upgrading the secondary. 

By trading Quandre Diggs to the Seahawks, a gap in the secondary was created. Arguably, Detroit needs an upgrade at each of the starting positions in the defensive backfield, with the exception of cornerback Darius Slay, if he remains on the roster. 

According to Conor Orr of si.com:

"Matt Patricia’s scheme is best with a slate of corners and safeties who can consistently shift the responsibilities and pressures on an opposing quarterback. They let some great players go in 2019 and will need to scour the draft and free agency to come up with a grouping of players who can survive the ever-difficult NFC North."


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No. 1-1

Given the complete lack of a pass rush it's pretty hard to even grade the secondary without spending a month reviewing game tape. It wasn't just the lack of sacks, it was the league leading amount of time we allowed opposing quarterbacks to have to throw the ball play after play all season long.