Detroit Lions: What They Are Saying from Miami

Rob Gronkowski, Barry Sanders and Tony Gonzalez talk about the Lions from Miami, Fla.

Miami, Fla., appears to be a very popular location to host the Super Bowl.  

Among many things, it offers nice weather and a plethora of enjoyable activities to partake in, including a multitude of nightlife spots.

For sports fans, radio row has become a prime destination to meet their idols and witness famous athletes and celebrities being interviewed by a myriad of different media outlets. 

Let's see what's been coming out of Miami so far regarding the Lions.

Rob Gronkowski

There has been a funny story making the rounds about Lions head coach Matt Patricia throwing a trash can at Rob Gronkowski during a Patriots practice. This story dates back to when Patricia was the team's defensive coordinator -- a role he served in from 2012–17. 

Here's the story from Gronk's perspective, per MLive

“The offense always wins in that drill, so the defense tries to find ways to cheat, because, you know, after losing every Friday, that’s what you got to do,” Gronkowski said. "So I’m free-releasing every time, we’re scoring touchdowns. Receivers are scoring touchdowns. James Develin is scoring touchdowns. All in the goal-line drills. And then all of a sudden, (Patricia) just can’t handle it. I go release, and he’s standing right next to the garbage can and just chucks it right at my feet. It was classic.

“I just started talking garbage right back to him. Like, ‘You got to throw trash cans at me now boy? Like, that’s how you got to stop me? Because you trash? He (Patricia) starts to yell, I start screaming back at him, I don’t even think I finished the route. I just started talking garbage right back to him."

“If I did get hurt," he said with a smirk, "(Patricia) would have been fired.”

Barry Sanders

The Lions legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer spoke on radio row Tuesday. 

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Here is what he expressed, via the Detroit Free Press, about the Lions' 2019 season:  

“The encouraging thing I would say is that most of those games we had a chance. And most games in the NFL, the games are close, right? Most of them are close. Dang near all of them are close, so we were in it. We had a chance. So there’s not that much of a difference – there’s not a big difference. I hate to start going back game over game, but you look at that Packer game, I feel like they stole that from us. I feel like they stole that one from us.

“I was shocked, man. I was shocked that, that could happen. Twice. How could that happen? I mean, I just felt, I felt robbed. I felt maybe violated is a strong term, but no, I just was in disbelief."

Tony Gonzalez

The Fox Sports analyst and Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end was asked about Detroit TE T.J. Hockenson. 

Here are his comments, via the Detroit Free Press

“He can be an All-Pro, no doubt about it. Get him in the right system, he can be an All-Pro. He’s great. You know what the luxury of these tight ends that you’re seeing, when I was coming up — back in my day — you didn’t see too much of that receiving-type tight end, being so involved in the offense.

"And so for him (Hockenson) to see guys like (Travis) Kelce and to see (George) Kittle in this game, he’s got to be inspired. And watching his ability, he’s a baller. Like, he is on his way to having an outstanding career.”


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