Brad Holmes: 'Trust the Process'

New Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes wants skeptical fans to trust the process that the team will undergo the next few seasons.
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New Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes acknowledged the passion of the fanbase in his opening video conference with Detroit media Tuesday. 

"I'm so excited about how passionate my uncle Luther (Bradley) -- he used to always educate me about this Lions fanbase. He says that, 'They've been through ups, they've been through downs, but they're showing up week in and week out. They're showing up and packing that house.' When he told me that, I was so excited, and he just kept getting me even more excited. You always hear Detroit as a blue-collar, working class. The more intel that I gathered on this great city is that it just seems like a city of character," Holmes told reporters. 

Supporters of the Lions are aware of the years of hardship the organization has endured. 

In the coming seasons, Holmes, along with the coaching staff and front-office team, wants to forge together a plan that is both collaborative and comprehensive in nature.

What message does he have for the growing list of supporters who may not believe in the current process?

"I'd say let's all trust the process that's going to be in place. It will be a very sound process. It will be a very thorough and diligent process. We're going to surrender those results to the process. I've always been one that likes to go through the process, which tries to delay my intuition towards the end," Holmes conveyed. "So, if we keep the process down and then we make the right gut, intuitive decisions going forward, I believe that the Lions fanbase is going to be very, very happy with the results that they see."

It is expected that Detroit will name Dan Campbell the next head coach. 

Together, Detroit's organization is hoping for vastly different results than occurred under former general manager Bob Quinn and former head coach Matt Patricia. 

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