Holmes on Stafford: Appreciates How 'Intangibles' Show on Film

Will Matthew Stafford be a part of the Detroit Lions' future?

There is a couple of different camps when the future of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is brought up. 

On one side are the supporters who are fearful that Detroit won't ever find a quarterback to play under center that possesses the caliber of arm strength and talent that Stafford does. 

And, on the other side are individuals that are adamant that it is time to move on from the veteran franchise passer. 

New general manager Brad Holmes was asked during his introductory media session about Stafford's future.

"So, Matthew's a great player. And, what you really appreciate is ... I think the talent level is very easy to say, but you really appreciate how his intangibles show on film. Just how urgent he plays, how competitive he is, the toughness that he shows," Holmes said. 

Stafford's future

Naturally, Holmes was asked about Stafford's future with the organization beyond the 2020 season. 

"It is my job to evaluate the entire roster, he said. "And, through that process, you know, I have not had any discussions with Matt or any players, for that matter. So, I just want to be fair to the process to make sure that we evaluate that thoroughly. But, obviously, you know, Matt's a very good football player." 

What Holmes and the Lions decide to do with Stafford will be one of the most interesting storylines for the organization this offseason.

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