Jourdan Lewis Said 'Out of Pocket' Things to Amon-Ra St. Brown

Amon-Ra St. Brown's comments on 'The Pivot' sparks interaction with Cowboys' CB.
Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown.
Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown. / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown has been one of the biggest parts of the franchise's transformation into Super Bowl contenders.

In his first season, the 2021 campaign that was also the first year of the Dan Campbell era, the Lions won just three games in a difficult showing. However, fortunes began to turn when the team began stringing together wins over the second half of the 2022 campaign.

Though St. Brown is not much of a trash-talker, he discussed a point in which he felt extra motivation from an opponent. He referenced a showdown against the Cowboys, specifically matching up with Jourdan Lewis.

The former Michigan cornerback exchange verbal taunts with the wide receiver, which added fuel to his fire.

"I don't talk much, unless someone's gonna talk to me. I block hard, I do all that, but he was talking crazy. Like some (expletive) that I've never heard before," St. Brown explained. "I'm like, 'Yo, hold on. I'm gonna have to go hard. He was talking crazy out of pocket. Jamo heard it too, he was coming in. At that point, it was like, I don't know what he's saying. I'm trying to make plays, win the game, I'm not worried about him. But once he starts talking like that, it's like, if I do get a chance to kill him, I'mma kill him."

Lewis responded to St. Brown's comments on the podcast via social media Tuesday.

"I am passionate about my craft and don't want to be friends with everyone," Lewis said, "especially a Detroit Lion that's not from Detroit."

Changing perception of Detroit

The 2023 season served as the breakthrough, when they won the NFC North division and advanced through the postseason to the NFC Championship game. After the heartbreaking loss to the 49ers, Detroit has its sights set on avenging the loss and finishing the 2024 season on the top of the proverbial mountain.

After the loss to the 49ers, Campbell explained in his postgame presser that he felt as though that could've been Detroit's only chance to compete for a title. St. Brown clarified his interpretation on the coach's comments, as well as sharing his confidence in the 2024 Lions.

"It resonated for me right away, just because I know ball," St. Brown stated. "If you know ball you know what he means. I feel like a lot of fans didn't understand what he was saying. What he's saying is, 'This team this year is gonna look completely different.' Guys sign somewhere else, free agency, injuries, you've got so many factors that can happen that that might've been our last chance, and he's right still to this day. When he said it, I knew exactly what he meant and he was right, I agreed with him. But I think we have enough to go back and the whole team knows we have enough to go back but it's gonna be that much harder this year.

"We got so close last year, we've got a target on our back now. There's teams that, they're not coming into Detroit thinking, 'Oh, we're gonna run over this team.' They're thinking, 'It's gonna be a good game, we've got to go take it from them.' So we understand that going into this year, it's gonna be a way harder, way different situation than it was last year or the years prior. But I think the guys that we have, the coaches, we're up for it."

'Receiver' preview

St. Brown will be one of five receivers featured in the new series, 'Receiver,' which debuts on Netflix Wednesday. He'll be showcased alongside Davante Adams, Deebo Samuel, Justin Jefferson and George Kittle.

He had a camera crew following him for the duration of the season, so fans will be treated to an inside look at the Lions' historic 2023 campaign. As exciting as the year was, he had an honest admission about the process of watching the show back during an appearance promoting the show on 'The Today Show.'

St. Brown said the Lions' post game talk after losing to the 49ers was featured in the show, making the process of watching the events unfold difficult.

"It was just, it was tough to watch but it was cool how they really portrayed both sides of the ball," St. Brown said.

'Round 4, Pick 112, never forget'

Since entering the league, St. Brown has become famous for his relentless work ethic and motivation. He has referenced the fire fueled within him by the fact that 16 receivers were drafted before him in the 2021 Draft.

The fourth-year wideout was rewarded for the superb start to his career with a four-year extension. In addition to his confidence in the team, he also has aspirations to improve as both a player and a leader for the emerging Lions.

Every day before practice, he reads a notebook filled with his goals as well as a reminder of where he was drafted. By doing so, he has the fuel to take on each day no matter how difficult it is.

"I have a notebook, right, that I have my goals on, I write my goals every year," St. Brown explained. "Got new goals every year. But I read it every day before I go to practice. I've got my goals underneath it, and I've got the 16 receivers that went before me. It says, 'Round 4, Pick 112, never forget.' As years go on, I don't feel as angry as I was in the beginning, if that makes sense. But I have that on my notebook to remind myself before I go out to practice that I still did go fourth round. There were still teams that didn't think I was worthy of whatever it is. So that's just, for me, to remind myself when I go out there, it pokes me a little."

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