Lions Fans Make Donations to Deshaun Watson's Charity

Lions fans thank Deshaun Watson for aiding in Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn being fired

Supporters of the Detroit Lions rejoiced when it was announced Saturday that Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn were fired. 

It is quite rare to find a decision made by the Lions organization that so many are in favor of.

Houston aided owner Sheila Ford Hamp's decision to move on from the duo by embarrassing Detroit on national television on Thanksgiving, 41-25.

As a thank you to Watson, Lions fans have made numerous donations to the Texans quarterback's charity. 

As of Sunday, $1,070 has been raised.

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, "Countless Lions fans had given to the Deshaun Watson Foundation -- totaling $1070 as of Sunday morning. Watson’s foundation is dedicated to 'education, health, housing and other charitable causes that support families and youth in underserved communities,' according to its website."

Many fans have decided to contribute $13 for Patricia's 13 total wins during his tenure in Motown. 

To donate and show your appreciation, click here.

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