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Detroit Lions Sign Free-Agent Tight End Josh Hill

The Detroit Lions look to the New Orleans Saints and sign free-agent tight end Josh Hill.
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The Detroit Lions announced on Saturday that they have signed free-agent tight end Josh Hill. 

The veteran tight end spent the first eight seasons of his career with the New Orleans Saints, who signed him as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Idaho State in 2013.

In 117 career games, Hill has recorded 116 receptions for 1,071 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell explained at his latest media session the reasons why signing familiar players is an advantageous strategy for teams this offseason. 

"Does that mean that if there’s some players from New Orleans, yeah, because I know who they are. And, Brad (Holmes) and I talk about this all the time. It’s not even so much what you think they can do, it’s you know what their downside is," Campbell explained. "That’s different than anything else. In free agency, you don’t always know what all the warts are. You do when you’ve been with these guys, and sometimes, you’re harder on your own guys when you’re around them longer."

He added, "So, if there’s some guys out there that are from other teams that we have history with, this coaching staff has history with, our personnel department, our GM, our assistant GM has history with that we know and we trust and are our type of guys, yeah, I would say that would be pretty intriguing.”

Contract terms were not disclosed.

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