Could Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn's Job Status Be a Major Distraction in 2020?

John Maakaron

NFL coaches and general managers preach it every opportunity they can. 

Avoiding the pitfalls of distractions -- whether they be emanating from the locker room or anywhere else -- is one of the primary goals of professional sports organizations.

The situation in Detroit for Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn is among the biggest distractions facing the Lions ahead of the upcoming 2020 season.

Ownership and supporters have been disappointed with the results so far in Quinn and Patricia's first two seasons working together. 

The expectation was that when Jim Caldwell was fired and Patricia was brought on, the Lions would win more than nine games a season and have consistent playoff success.

Instead, Patricia's first season only produced six victories, and his second season -- a 3-12-1 campaign -- was a major step backwards based on expectations.

Significant improvement has been mandated by ownership, and there could be dire consequences for both if results are not delivered.

As Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report explains,  

"Realistically, the Detroit Lions face the possibility of the 2020 season blowing up in their collective faces. Multiple members of the organization -- including coach Matt Patricia, general manager Bob Quinn and quarterback Matthew Stafford -- could be staring down make-or-break campaigns.

If the season gets off to a slow start, Patricia and/or Quinn could be out the door. A poor season could also lead Detroit to seek a fresh start at quarterback."

If the season does not get off to the right start, the noise surrounding the organization will only intensify.

Luckily, Patricia & Co. have added pieces to the roster to give themselves the best opportunity to dissipate the noise associated with them.


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It was the same last season. I don’t think it will bother the staff all that much


It will certainly be talked about daily! Just have to win to shut everyone up