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Reggie Bush: 'Our Detroit Lions Team Was Better with Jim Caldwell'

Former Detroit Lions players show support for Jim Caldwell

With each disappointing Detroit Lions loss suffered this season, support for former head coach Jim Caldwell grows. 

During the nationally televised Thanksgiving Day contest between the Lions and Houston Texans, former members of the Lions tweeted their support for Caldwell, as they witnessed another blowout loss. 

"Our Detroit Lions team was better with Jim Caldwell," tweeted former Lions running back Reggie Bush.

"Give Jim Caldwell his job back," tweeted former Detroit wideout Ryan Broyles.

Patricia's poor win-loss record has resulted in fondness for the days during which Caldwell roamed the sidelines.

Recall that prior to his dismissal, Caldwell secured back-to-back nine-win seasons, and even had his team in the playoffs twice in four seasons. 

Meanwhile, under Patricia, the organization has taken two steps backward in the past three years. 

The Lions' annual game on Thanksgiving has now become an annual reminder of Detroit's historic futility. 

A reminder that the Lions only have one playoff win in nearly six decades.

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With each embarrassing blowout loss, fondness for Caldwell and the amount of wins he was able to secure in his tenure is brought to light.  

The team was better with Caldwell at the helm, and Patricia is doing nothing but growing the legend of Detroit's former head coach to mythical levels.

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