Could Rush on Quarterbacks Push Chase Young to Lions?

John Maakaron

Post free agency, rumors continue to swirl that the Miami Dolphins will make an attempt to trade up to either the No. 1 or No. 2 spot in this year's NFL draft.  

A source reportedly told the Miami Herald that “the Dolphins will make an attempt to trade to No. 1 in the draft."

If that is the case, Miami would be in the market to secure Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow.

Currently, Miami holds the No. 5 overall pick. Many in Detroit have presumed Miami is interested in selecting Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert. 

If the Covid-19 pandemic makes it difficult for Miami to fully evaluate Tagovailoa, there is a chance they decide to make the Bengals a strong offer. 

MLive Lions beat writer Kyle Meinke believes that too many teams have a need at the quarterback position, and Detroit is set up to land the best defensive end in this years draft class. 

"Everyone has Jeff Okudah going to Detroit, and I get it. He’s the big, physical corner the Lions have been trying to find for years. Now they have to replace Darius Slay, and Desmond Trufant is no Darius Slay," Meinke writes.

Meinke added, "Who knows if Okudah is, but he’s the best cornerback prospect in the country. Experts say he’s the best cornerback prospect in years. And he just so happens to have played a lot of press man too, which is Detroit’s preferred coverage scheme. If Chase Young isn’t there, Okudah’s the pick. But I still think there are too many teams that need a quarterback too badly for QBs not to go 1-2, and that sets up Detroit to add the best overall player in the draft."


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Young is going to Washington

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not so fast i know for a fact washington is trading their pick they will get 3 starters maybe 4 and they have more holes then the lions Young will be a lion and save everybodys job for at least one more year


Why is everybody so hell bent on the lions taking Okudah?
I remember Kiper and all the other pundits saying the same thing about Greedy Williams last year... How much was he a impact with Cleveland??
If the Skins pass on Young and the lions having
Simmons, Brown or Kinlaw on the board and Quinn takes Okudah then he needs his head examined and should be fired.
No way do you take a CB at #3. Quinn made the mistake of taking a TE in the top ten hopefully he learned from that lesson.


Don’t believe Washington passes on Young just yet