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Dan Orlovsky Shares Why Robert Saleh Should Be At the Top of Lions List

ESPN analyst explains three reasons why 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh should be at the top of potential candidate lists for teams looking for a new head coach.

San Fransisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh checks off a lot of boxes that potential owners and general managers will be clamoring for when the next round of hiring in the NFL takes place.

ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky reviewed the film of the 49er's 23-20 victory over the Rams last week and came away feeling that Saleh is worthy of being at the top of potential candidate lists of teams looking for a new head coach. 

"If you’re a team that’s going be looking for a HC next off-season. Saleh should be EASILY be in your top 3 interviews -- think this “kind” of play encapsulates “WHY”!," Orlovsky tweeted Thursday. 

Here are the three reasons that were given by Orlovsky why Saleh is a top candidate for any job opening in the future. 

1.) Outside the box thinking in scheme design 

Orlovsky highlights a play in which Richard Sherman is used as a safety to try and stop the Rams on third down. "I just love the outside the box thinking in design," Orlovsky explained. 

2.) A coach that has foresight

Orlovsky highlights that Saleh is a coach that has 'awesome' foresight, not only within the football game but also understands the trends occurring in the game of football. "I think great coaches have the ability to see skills or assets or traits within players and place those players in positions to excel," he said. 

3.) A coach with the ability to make the opponent, whether it's an offense or a defense, play with their hand behind their back. 

Orlovsky highlighted further, "This is Richard Sherman. This is their All-Pro cornerback playing free safety in the middle of field. And they're going to play really kind of a zero coverage or man coverage with their four-man rush. No blitz. I can play man coverage and I'm going to take my All-Pro cornerback, put him in the middle field with the safety and just look at the vision. Look at the vision. Look at the field. Scan the field. He takes the peek back, there comes the crosser -- nope, I am going to take you away. That's outstanding by their defensive coordinator."

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