Poll: Is Matt Patricia a Better Head Coach Than in 2018?

Has Detroit Lions' Matt Patricia improved at his job since he took over as head coach back in 2018?

When Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia first arrived in Detroit back in 2018, he was tasked with turning around the fortunes of a franchise that hadn't experienced much success in the postseason.

Enter the former defensive coordinator for a Super Bowl-winning franchise to work alongside his friend in Lions general manager Bob Quinn.

Detroit Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia

Detroit Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia

But, Patricia's first two seasons have been far from stellar. 

Securing only nine victories in the span of two seasons has forced many to reevaluate Quinn's decision to move on from one of the organization's most successful coaches in Jim Caldwell. 

In 2020, as a result of the global pandemic, Patricia and the revamped coaching staff were forced to operate virtually for the first time in league history this offseason.

Patricia took the opportunity to grow as a head coach and to become a more effective teacher.

Does the third-year NFL head coach believe he is a better coach now than when he was hired in 2018?

“Really deep, good question. I don’t really know if I have for you 18 minutes before we walk out on the practice field. Certainly, had a lot of time to reflect on that stuff in the offseason. One of the things that you try to get into when you’re a head coach or a new head coach is getting into a rhythm. What fits best for you, the team, the direction that you’re pushing and getting to know the organization and all that stuff," Patricia said Sunday in a video conference. 

He added, "I would say that hopefully, I’ve improved in some of those areas. I try to get better every day. Certainly, I’m looking at all those different avenues. But, just getting the team in rhythm and getting it going in the direction that we need to go in is huge for me and the organization. I think that maybe frees you up to do some other things or handle other situations a little bit better than in the past, where you’re just bogged down with other things that are coming at you in different directions.” 

Do you believe Patricia has learned on the job, and has become a better NFL head coach?

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