Bob Quinn or Matt Millen: Who Was Worse?

Both Bob Quinn and Matt Millen ended up with 31 wins as general manager of the Detroit Lions
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In the coming weeks, there will be a moderate amount of exploration into what went wrong throughout the tenure of former Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn.

One thing is certain: The Detroit Lions have not performed nearly well enough in the NFL Draft.

Despite finding a few players in 2020 that could part of Detroit's future, Quinn missed on a significant number of draft picks. 

Even though there are clear blemishes on Quinn's record, he certainly drafted better than Matt Millen, who served as GM from 2001-2008.

Millen had the propensity to swing for the fences in his drafts and the front office really never developed a vision. 

If you were a fan of wide receivers, you might have enjoyed those picks back then. 

Quinn deserves credit for running a professional front office with a clear vision. 

Unfortunately, his ultimate demise will be the result of not moving on from Matthew Stafford and for hiring his friend instead of the best head coaching candidate. 

Different reaons can be argued, but in the end both failed in their attempt to improve the plight of the Lions organization.

Which general manager do you believe performed his job duties worse: Bob Quinn or Matt Millen?

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