David Tepper's 10-Year Plan: Retractable Roof Stadium in Charlotte

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is relentless with his pursuit for growth.
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David Tepper is the NFL's wealthiest owner for a reason.

The Carolina Panthers majority owner does not settle for complacency, and his mindset is fixated on growth. Since coming to Carolina last season, he has been very active with the team on and off the field. He's helped construct a very promising roster for the 2019 season -- and he's also began a project to put the Panthers' practice facility in South Carolina.

Tepper views the Panthers as a team that represents both North and South Carolina -- so he wants involve both states in a big project. South Carolina is working on the practice facility, and he now wants Charlotte to build a new retractable-dome stadium. He wants this stadium for the Panthers, but to also attract and bring in an MLS team.

He spoke with Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal and elaborated on his idea.

“At some point, I would make a big investment if I could get the state and others on board in a new stadium that would be great for soccer and great for football,” Tepper said. “The economy’s big enough for a revenue tax, a hotel revenue increase that would go a long way to help pay for a new stadium.”

Tepper believes that many events could be hosted in this new stadium, and it would improve the already-growing city of Charlotte.

“People here in Charlotte have to realize: This is a really major, growing, important city, and it needs that sort of presence,” Tepper said. “Charlotte, in my mind, for these two states, should be the sports and entertainment capital. That’s what it’s meant to be.”

He has huge visions -- but if anyone can do it, it's going to be the Panthers' owner who has a net worth of $11.6 billion.