WATCH: Cam Newton, Donte Jackson Have Hilarious Make-Believe Phone Call

The Carolina Panthers have no shortage of personality on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.
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Cam Newton has one of the most animated personalities in the NFL, and it rubs off on everyone around him.

During Monday's practice, Newton decided to make a 'phone call' to Donte Jackson, who picked up and carried on the conversation. After some back and forth trash talk -- Jackson decided to 'hang up' the phone and told Newton to meet him in between the lines.

Newton continued to talk trash, and Jackson mimicked an automated voice messaging system, saying that the number was no longer available.

This is one small example of the charisma and joy that Newton brings to the team as a leader, and Amazon's 'All or Nothing' put the icing on the cake. Newton is a natural born leader, and the 2019 Panthers should be a lot better team because of it.