Cory Littleton Poised for Big 2021

The Las Vegas Raiders OLB Cory Littleton is poised for a tremendous 2021 NFL season.
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The Las Vegas Raiders defense is starting to come together as it was envisioned to do this year. 

The offseason brought in a new defensive coordinator, a robust defensive draft class, and veteran free agents to help turn this defense around, and it's starting to pay off during training camp.

"When you can see things going well, and you can just envision the great turnout that we plan on having, you definitely feed off of that and that's what makes you happy," said Cory Littleton.

Head coach Jon Gruden is not saying much, but the entirety of the team sees the improvements, and it's starting to feed off the entire team.

"He hasn't said anything specifically but all I can say is, he probably sees something special within this team. Everyone does see it. And that's basically how he's feeling," said Littleton.

Littleton was indeed one of those players to see the improvements on defense, but he is also one of the players looking to improve and have a clean start under new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

"You can call it a fresh start, definitely have to learn to do different defense, and just progressing through this defense has been really nice. Just seeing myself grow and continually getting better day by day."

Littleton, who is planning to return to his Pro Bowl-caliber season, will have a chance to practice with his old team, where he had success.

Before their second preseason game, the Raiders will travel to Irvine next week to have a joint practice with the Rams.

"It's gonna be fun. I wish most of the guys were still there that I played with originally but that's not the NFL, teams change every year so there's still a couple guys out there. It'd be nice to see him again," said Littleton.

As they prepare for their preseason games, this defense is already showing progress. With a few weeks left in training camp, time will only tell how ready this defense is for the start of the season.

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