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Ingold Partners with AdoptUSKids to help Foster Kids

Raiders Fullback Alec Ingold was part of the foster system growing up. He's helping kids like him get adopted and show there's hope for them.
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Training camp is well underway, but for fullback Alec Ingold, it’s an icing on the cake to a busy summer.

From talking to UNLV Young Executive Scholars Program about finance and launching an Instagram series called ''Mindset Monday,'' he has been giving back to the youth in his community.

Back in July, he added another community service item to his off-field commitments: A partnership with AdoptUSKids.

Adoption is something that is very personal to Ingold. He was adopted at birth.  Adopted by the Ingolds as their own, that one act of amazing kindness meant the universe in the life of the now NFL star.

His family supported him growing up. His family supported him playing football throughout college. His family supported him electing to go to the NFL instead of working a job in finance. His family supported him when he got married.

They’ve been there for him since he was welcomed into the family. To Ingold, this is the family he didn't have when he was born. But through the foster system, he fortunately found a family that would love him unconditionally.

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And like many things in his life, now that he has a platform to reach thousands if not millions of people throughout the nation, he wants to give back.

Ingold wants to help kids in shoes that he was in not so long ago.

“Adoption and partnering with AdoptUSKids was a big role and really played a big part in my life in trying to use this platform to kind of speak to those kids and tell them that there’s hope,” Ingold told Raider Maven. “Hopefully get these teenage kids that are stuck in their ways, or maybe think that they just want to age out of foster care and try and find that family that can support them.”

Ingold is a man who ultimately wants to do his part to help the world. He knows he has one of the best platforms in the world with the NFL and he’s not letting it go to waste.

He’s telling the young foster kids throughout the nation that there’s hope.

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