Answering Your Las Vegas Questions and Emails

Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven Publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, answers the Silver and Black fans' questions each week in our weekly mailbag

Henderson, Nev.--There is no fan base in the National Football League hungrier for information on their team than the Raider Nation. That is why each week, we offer a buffet of Silver and Black information as we answer your questions and emails as it pertains to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Hondo, I was unable to hear your comments about Nelson Agholor live, I just saw it talked about everywhere. Can you tell me what you said? Thank you. --Troy Angel

Hello Troy. I will tell you what I said, but you can also listen to it WHEN YOU CLICK HERE. I said that an NFL member of team management told me that he believes that Nelson will return to the Raiders for a two-year deal valued at $15-million total range. Because of the coming salary cap apocalypse, he expects no one to spend stupid money as they might in the past. Nelson wants to be a Raider and the Raiders want him, so that is the expectation.  Nelson has to explore free agency, and that area is the numbers he is hearing and what people around the league expect.

Hondo, I am a very big Derek Carr supporter. I was wondering if you thought the Raiders could use the No. 1 pick to take a quarterback, and let him sit on the bench like Aaron Rodgers did with Brett Favre so he can learn. Thank you for your opinion and keep up the amazing work. --Scott Fernandez

Thank you for the kind words, Scott. I do not like that idea unless a generational quarterback falls to the Raiders. In my opinion there are two generational quarterbacks in this draft and there is no chance of that. The Raiders are close, much closer than many feel and they need horses.

Hondo, would you be shocked if the Raiders traded their first round pick? --Mike Frasier

No, I wouldn’t be at all.

Hondo, do you think the Raiders keep Tyrell Williams? --Kyle Schuss

No, I do not.

Hondo, any chance Trent Brown comes back for the Silver and Black? Keep it 100 brother. --Nathan Myer

I guess there is always a chance, but no, not as his contract currently stands.

Hondo, how good is Kolton Miller? Do you think that he is an elite player? --Dan B.

I think he is very good and on the cusp of becoming elite. A great player.

Hondo, loved listening to you talk about new defensive backs coach Ron Milus. I like what he brings to the team. --Ruben Castillo

So do I. Johnathan Abram missed his first year essentially, but was still making guy wrenching mistakes late in the year that he made early. Allowing that is on coaching. Damon Arnette is immature (do not read into that as a comment on his character) and needs to grow up fast. Milus and will do that.

Hondo, what do you like most about the Gus Bradley hire? --Sean Mitchell

There is a lot to like. He is no nonsense and he will bring a fantastic teaching aspect to the defense. They will attack and he holds people accountable. He was a super hire for what the Raiders needed.

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