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Ravens Coach John Harbaugh Pulling for Long-Shot U.S. In World Cup

Baltimore Ravens coach watches soccer.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Ravens coach John Harbaugh was asked to make a prediction for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

He's hoping the United States could somehow bring home the trophy despite being +15,000 to win it all, meaning if you wafer $100 to win $15,000. 

“I’m expecting a World Cup – I’ve got to be honest with you – and if we don’t get it, I'm going to have some questions to be asked," Harbaugh said with a laugh. "I’m going to have a few queries. I’m not going to be a critic. But, I'm expecting nothing but a world championship. Is that unfair? It’s a little unfair? 

"OK, alright, we’ll lower the expectations a little bit. But I watch it. I actually get the soccer channels from the Premier League. I watch that a little bit, too. It’s a great sport.” 

The U.S. is in Group B with England, Iran, and Wales. 

Brazil is the favorite to win at +350.

Harbaugh said he does watch the English Premier League when he has down time, however, he has yet to pick a favorite team. 

"I need to do more research," Harbaugh said. "I want to follow a club for the right reasons. ... I do kind of want to be with a winner. Is that the right thing?"

Harbaugh is more preoccupied with preparing for the Carolina Panthers in Week 11. However, the Ravens are heavy favorites and looking to win their fourth consecutive game and stay atop the AFC North as the league opens the second half of the season.