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3 Offensive Players to Watch at Saints Rookie Minicamp

Would these three rookies emerge as another New Orleans Saints undrafted gems unearthed during rookie minicamps?

Would these three rookies emerge as another New Orleans Saints undrafted gems unearthed during rookie minicamps?

Saints Three Offensive UDFA Rookies

2022 Rookie Minicamp will be from May 13-14 at Ochsner Sports Performance Center in Metairie, LA. New Orleans signed 17 rookies after the 2022 NFL Draft, and several more will participate in the camp sessions. 

The media will report on the action from the draft picks Olave, Penning, Taylor, D. Jackson, and J. Jackson. Although, fans should be on the watch for three offensive players.

Dai'Jean Dixon


First, Nicholls State's star wide receiver Dai'Jean Dixon. He's an athletic wideout that is exceptionally talented and has excellent hands. CBS Sports draft analyst Emory Hunt reported, "Dixon does a great job working the deep part of the field. They [Saints] have a deep-ball quarterback in Jameis Winston. We know he loves to air it out. This is someone that already is better, in my opinion, than Tre'Quan Smith and has a significant opportunity to make the roster and make an impact in year one." 

Dixon could make noise coming out of the rookie minicamp and shock people during OTAs and summer training camp.

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Second is the 6-foot, 213-pound running back Abram Smith out of Baylor University. If Dennis Allen likes smart and tough guys, Smith exudes it. John Hendrix wrote, "he flipped to linebacker for 2020 due to injuries," which could "help him crack the roster on special teams and be a nice complement in the backfield." 

Bob Rose noted Smith "led the Big 12 with a school-record 1,601 rushing yards, fourth in the FBS." New Orleans' backup running back role is wide open after Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. It stands to be a highly contentious battle for No. 3.


Last is a little-known wide receiver from Alabama A&M named Dee Anderson. Anderson is a strong-handed HBCU product that stands 6-5 and weighs 224 pounds. He's a great kid. I interviewed him at the HBCU Legacy Bowl. He has a Marques Colston-like capability against press coverage, uses his body to shield defensive backs, and attacks the football with his hands.

New Orleans could flex to the tight end position. We can't forget that Anderson was a Bengal Tiger at LSU for three seasons.

Jeff Ireland's scouting team has assembled talented undrafted rookies for Dennis Allen's coaching staff. 

Will the next Pierre Thomas or Deonte Harty arise as another New Orleans Saints undrafted gem?

We shall see.