Brees says football without fans would be "Really Weird"

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and his wife Brittany appeared on Ellen At-Home Show to talk about COVID-19, Sean Payton, and the the upcoming season.

Drew and Brittany Brees joined Ellen DeGeneres on her television show via video chat to discuss the couples' donation to the State of Louisiana and the COVID-19 outbreak in New Orleans.

DeGeneres, a New Orleans native and life-long Saints fan, welcomed the couple on her show.  She immediately asked about their $5 Million donation to the state of Louisiana.  “I reached out immediately when I heard what you did for New Orleans and you’re both just awesome. I love you both!” Said Ellen. 

After discussing the donation and where the money is going, she raised the question about Saints Head Coach Sean Payton testing positive for COVID-19 and his health.  Drew Brees states he talked to him the day he found out he had contracted it and the day doctors cleared him. “He certainly seemed like his normal self.  He was talking football.  He was talking free agency.  He was talking about the draft, already beginning to strategize for next season.” 

Quickly the interview shifted gears to football and the 2020 season. Ellen expressed her excitement for Brees returning to the Saints on a 2-year deal before asking,

Drew Brees responded,

"Yeah. When that was first said, you know, and obviously they were talking about basketball when they first started saying that, hey we might still play the games, but we can't have the crowds.  So, no fans in the stands. That was the first time I've ever thought about playing a really meaningful game in a situation where you don't have any fans.  From Texas high school football through college in the Big Ten, to games now in the (Mercedes-Benz) Superdome. You're used to those loud, electric atmospheres and so I think it would be really weird. 

Maybe you just click in, and you're in a zone. But, I'll tell you where the fans really help is whenever you get hit and knocked down, and you're wondering what happened, you just listen to the sound of the fans, and they usually tell you if the ball was complete or not. So, that was one big benefit obviously we'd miss out on that.

It would be really weird. I hope we're obviously beyond that, and we can get back to that level of normalcy because I know that - I think the American people need sports right now. That's typically something that's brought us through a lot of tough situations throughout our country, and people have been able to lean on their local sports teams or national teams to just unite them and get their mind off the challenges of daily life and daily struggle. We don't even have that right now, and I think that's another reason on why this is so tough. Obviously, we hope that football can be back to normal when – or this can be back to normal so that we can play real football."

As the New Orleans Saints and entire NFL gear up for the 2020 NFL Draft, Rookie Camp, OTAs, Mini Camps, and Training Camp in the coming months, plenty of unknowns still linger. Will facilities open in time for the camps?  Will the NFL season start on time? Will games be played with or without fans?

With many unknowns, Drew and Brittany Brees have this message...

"It's exactly that. I t's a message of hope.  It is that we – we're going to get through this.  But, we need to get through it together, right?  We all need to lean on one another.  It's a bit of, love your neighbor, take care of your neighbor, look out for your neighbor.  Everybody has a part in these relief efforts, in this recovery.    Drew Brees

Look at the best in people, and that's what we're continuing to do.  Hopefully, other people lead by example and more people - just kind of trickles down.  It's going to be OK. If we can just all do this together, it's going to be OK."   Brittany Brees

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