NFL to cut back on preseason games for 2020

John Hendrix

The NFL is reportedly cutting back on preseason games, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio. The announcement is expected to come out by the league on Thursday, which will eliminate the first and fourth preseason games. Here's what Florio had to say.

The move was driven by two primary factors. First, teams who will be playing preseason games on the road won’t want to move that many people. Second, given that no teams had on-field practice sessions in the offseason, coaches would rather have the extra time to work with their teams, and that will happen if they don’t have to worry about two extra preseason games.

This means that the New Orleans Saints officially won't make their debut against the Los Angeles Rams in the brand new SoFi Stadium, which was slated for Friday, Aug. 14. The league had previously canceled any and all joint practices, and this doesn't exactly come as a shock with the COVID-19 numbers rising. The Saints will also not have their final game at home, which is against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday, Sep. 3.

So, what's left on the schedule? A nationally televised road game and home game in less than a week timeframe.

  • Week 2 (Sunday, Aug. 23): at Pittsburgh Steelers, 7 p.m., FOX
  • Week 3 (Saturday, Aug. 29): vs. Houston Texans, 7 p.m. CT

While things could absolutely change between now and then, this seems like a pretty safe bet for the league. It would give the league almost a full two weeks before the season opener on Thursday, Sep. 10 between the Houston Texans and defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

As a reminder, you should be able to check out the Saints through a host of local affiliates around the state and Gulf Coast region.