Saints NFL's 12th Richest Team by 2025: Report

The New Orleans Saints franchise is projected to become the twelfth wealthiest team in the NFL by 2025.
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The New Orleans Saints franchise is projected to become the twelfth wealthiest team in the NFL by 2025.

Gayle Benson

Forbes values owner Gayle Benson's club as one of the top sports franchises in the world at $2.48 billion.

A financial valuation ranks the Saints at No. 46 in the world of sports entities.

According to Forbes, New Orleans is No. 25 and No. 3 in the NFC South for estimated value ranking among the NFL teams.

New Orleans Saints in the NFL

  • Value: $2.48 billion
  • Five-Year Change In Value: 63%
  • Owner: Gayle Benson
  • Year Purchased: 1985
  • Price Paid: $70.2 million has forecasted the future finances of each team to determine the wealthiest NFL franchises by 2025.

The website's analysis revealed New Orleans would land at No. 12.

In 2020, New Orleans had revenue of $469,000,000. Over the next four seasons, the team's finances will climb to $608,760,000.

The outlook represents a revenue increase of 29.8%.

How did arrive at their data estimates for NFL teams?

They studied NFL teams' earnings from 2012-2020 for the Forbes' NFL Valuation list over the previous eight years.

Next, the data included all of a clubs' revenue streams and their published annual accounting reports. generated predicted revenue information for 2021-2025 and ranked each NFL team from those projections.



  1. Atlanta Falcons - $642.95M (7)
  2. New Orleans Saints - $608.76M (12)
  3. Carolina Panthers - $568.43M (20)
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - $528.68M (25)

Forbes's '2020 Top 50 Valuable Sports Teams List' reports total valuations for NFC South teams, with the Atlanta Falcons leading at $2.875 billion. The Carolina Panthers are second at $2.55 billion, and New Orleans is third at $2.48 billion. The Super Bowl LV Champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers are last valued at $2.28 billion.'s 2025 rankings have the Dallas Cowboys at No. 1 with $1.32 billion in predicted revenue.  New England ($810M), San Francisco ($739.6M), NY Giants ($695M), and Houston ($671.7M) round out the top five teams.'s projected 2025 full ranking of the 32 NFL Teams with the New Orleans Saints at No. 12.

Full information on the NFL's Richest Teams for 2025 can be located online at

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