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Analysis: How Did Seahawks Quarterbacks Perform in 2021?

Facing the reality of life without Russell Wilson for the first time in a decade, Seattle turned to Geno Smith in hopes the veteran backup could keep the team afloat until its star quarterback returned. Amid a disappointing season, how did the two signal callers fare? And what does the future hold for each of them?

Despite entering the 2021 season with championship aspirations, the Seahawks lost five of their first eight games and never fully recovered, finishing in last place in the NFC West with a 7-10 record.

While there were many factors behind Seattle underachieving this season, an injury to star quarterback Russell Wilson undoubtedly changed the trajectory for the defending NFC West champions. The eight-time Pro Bowler missed three games for the first time in his career with Geno Smith replacing him and later admitted he wasn't fully recovered when he returned to action in Week 10. Counting his three games sidelined and first three starts back from injury, the team lost five out of six games to fall out of the playoff picture in November.

Looking back at the season in retrospect, how did Wilson and Smith perform in 2021? And what does the future hold for both players?

Russell Wilson
Geno Smith

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