Mike Tomlin: Steelers Open to Helping - Not Signing - Antonio Brown

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- In an interview with ESPN's First Take, Mike Tomlin addressed Mason Rudolph's innocence and the unjustified treatment he is receiving for allegations that were proven false by Myles Garrett. 

After talking about Rudolph and the national media's depiction of the situation, Tomlin was asked for his thoughts on Antonio Brown and the apologies he has made towards the Steelers and Tomlin himself. 

"I’ll say this; once a Steeler, always a Steeler," Tomlin stated. "We had great success over the course of nine-plus years."

Brown has said in multiple interview appearances that he overlooked his time with the Steelers. On a radio appearance with 93.7 The Fan, AB finished the interview by saying he missed "the Burgh." 

As for a possible return, Tomlin said the Steelers aren't looking to bring the receiver back right now, but they'll always be available for support off the field.  

"We will always be interested in his development as a man, and we will be open to assisting him in that. But we have no current business interest at this time," he said. 

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