Mike Tomlin "Hacked Off" at ESPN's Depiction of Myles Garrett Interview

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- Mike Tomlin addressed the Mason Rudolph, Myles Garrett situation once again - pointing out the direction the national media has taken the story over the last several days. 

In an interview with ESPN's First Take on Monday, Tomlin discussed the words of Garrett and his constant remarks regarding Rudolph using a racial slur during the Nov. 14 altercation. In the interview, Tomlin takes a stance saying he hasn't heard from either side that Garrett's accusation is true. 

“These accusations are serious, not only in terms of Mason Rudolph’s character, but his professional pursuits," Tomlin said. "Nobody on that field, as a member of the Cleveland Browns or the Pittsburgh Steelers, corroborated what was said by Myles Garrett."

Tomlin said he "took offense" for ESPN's Outside the Lines breakdown of the interview with Garrett, saying they turned it into a he-said, he-said situation instead of looking at the facts from the league.

“Even to this day, it was presented as a he-said, he-said situation, and I think the National Football League office was very clear that they launched an investigation," Tomlin said. "They found no evidence of Myles’ allegations, and I think that should be stated."

Tomlin also said it's "laughable" that the Steelers would try to coverup the audio of Rudolph using the slur Garrett is accusing him of. 

“I fully support Mason Rudolph, we as an organization fully support Mason Rudolph and to be quite honest with you, we were hacked off with what we saw this weekend," he said.

Regarding Rudolph's fine, Tomlin kept it simple.

"It's been a lot of negativity around Mason Rudolph. He got fined $50,000 for essentially getting beaten up." 

Moving forward the Steelers coach left the legal possibilities in the hands of Rudolph, but said if it was him he would simply "shut up and move up," from the situation. 

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