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Steelers Fans Start Petition to Fire Matt Canada

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are taking it into their own hands to remove Matt Canada.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers have a strange situation on their hands for the third year in a row. Just two games into the regular season, fans have already expressed their displeasure with offensive coordinator Matt Canada. And once again, they're taking it into their own hands to ask for change. 

During the team's Week 2 win over the Cleveland Browns, 'Fire Canada' chants filled Acrisure Stadium as the offense struggled late in the game. Head coach Mike Tomlin and Canada himself have since replied to the situation, both expressing how they need to prove their capabilities to the fanbase. 

Well, Steelers Nation may not be willing to wait. Since the game, a petition has been started titled, "Fire Matt Canada - Incompetent Offensive Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers."

In the first 14 hours, it has received over 1,200 signatures. 

"For years now, we have witnessed a lackluster and predictable offensive strategy that fails to adapt to different defensive schemes," the petition reads. "Matt Canada's inability to be creative and innovative in his play-calling has hindered our team's success on numerous occasions. It is evident that he does not possess the qualifications necessary to run a competent, effective, and complex offensive system."

Canada's offense has never produced 400 yards in a game since joining the Steelers, and they were outscored by the defense in their win over the Browns. 

No change is likely anytime soon, but the fans are making it very clear they're tired of the struggles on offense. Where this goes from here is something we'll wait to find out. 

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