The Houston Texans came out with a cookbook for the summer and released recipes from coaches, players, and front office personnel. There are some solid recipes from the Texans in the cookbook, some simple recipes, and difficult ones.

So, State of the Texans decided to put the recipes to the test and make each one to see how they turned out. With 15 total recipes, we will release a video series on each recipe completed.

Cooking with State of the Texans: VanderPancakes | Watt's Banana Cake

In the third installment, we made Spicy Kukama Salaki submitted by Kristin and Defensive Coordinator Anthony Weaver.

Spicy Kukama Salaki

The Recipe 




Recipe Instructions

Making Spicy Kukama Salaki

Overall Thoughts

This is a good summer dish and the spiciness of the dish can be adjusted with the Kim Chee base depending on what you like. I am not a big spice person so we took it easy on that part. Also, purple onions will make the dish look more colorful, the white onion we used made it look boring. That is our mistake!

Difficulty Level: Easy

SOTT Recipe Grade: B-, we don't use Kim Chee base a lot so we will have to figure out what to do with the rest, maybe ferment some cabbage. This is a solid side dish to show off at the local get together especially if you like cucumbers. It is a strong dish, especially from a flavor standpoint. Also, we recommend throwing a little salt and pepper in there just to enhance the flavors. 

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