Deshaun Relationship with Texans 'Irreparable' - Report

The Texans might be too far removed from fixing the predicament they put themselves in this offseason
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HOUSTON - It might be too-little/too-late for the Houston Texans to salvage their relationship with their franchise quarterback. 

A report from John Lopez of SportsRadio 610 in Houston characterizes the relationship between the team and star Deshaun Watson as "irreparable." He reported the quarterback has been "alienated" by the Texans. 

Watson has multiple reasons to be upset. The Texans said they desired his involvement in the hiring of a new general manager and head coach but ignored him in the pursuit of Nick Caserio - a pursuit that, as we wrote long ago, was spearheaded by Jack Easterby. 

In the introductory press conference for Caserio, Cal McNair spoke to Watson's unhappiness saying he knew Watson's point of view prior to their hiring of Caserio. Watson, according to Sports Illustrated, saw this as a "patronizing" comment from the team's owner. 

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Logic says the Texans need to work to change Watson's mind and that the team has to move fast. Watson reportedly found Texans legend Andre Johnson's social media callout of the team "funny,'' leading to someone close to Watson to state about the quarterback's future “he just wants out.”

Johnson warned of the propensity for the Texans to waste careers and surely discussed it further when he and Watson were seen together at a Houston Rockets game later that day. Heeding Johnson's words, Watson could force his way out. 

Easterby was one of the leaders in contract negotiations with the Texans when Bill O'Brien acted as general manager last season. He was instrumental in getting Watson's four-year, $156 million extension done in 2020. The contract does not possess massive hurdles to trade the franchise quarterback. 

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Outside of some cryptic tweets, Watson hasn't said or done anything officially. There is no trade request. Only people around Watson have talked. But this report speaks volumes; the Texans need to do everything they can to repair the "irreparable.''

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