Texans Exec Easterby Allegedly Receiving Death Threats

The highly-criticized member of the front office feels his family is in danger
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans are standing by Jack Easterby. Even with their fanbase's ability to get #FireEasterby trending at a whim, Texans owner Cal McNair has remained loyal to the oft-criticized member of their organization. 

It is fine for Easterby to feel unsafe about his job; as Sports Illustrated has detailed multiple times, he's acted in a way that invites critique. 

The latest expose into Easterby's white-knuckle ride to hang onto his job included an unacceptable element of fandom: Easterby reportedly alleges his family feels unsafe due to death threats. 

Per SI: "According to multiple sources, Easterby has reached out to several players this week with a personal plea. Often through tears, he’s shared accounts of his receiving death threats and his family’s having to relocate to a hotel."

Easterby wouldn't confirm or deny the death threats due to "security reasons" he told SI. 

"Fan,'' is of course, short for "fanatic.'' A quick search through Twitter finds a deluge of ill will wished upon Easterby and yes, threats to his safety and his family's safety. 

The "character coach'' turned chaotic climber deserves criticism. Threats to him and his family go too far - and are infinitely more of an embarrassment to Texans Nation that the dysfunctional leadership of the franchise.

One can simultaneously wish for Easterby's ouster while wishing him no personal ill will. Those things do not remain mutually exclusive. 

The Texans fan base is one of the best in the NFL. It is generous and kind and charitable. It is in general passionate, but not radical. Wishing harm to Easterby's family is not an action perpetrated by what we would consider a true fan of the Texans. 

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It helps nothing, only serving to hurt. 

Voicing displeasure as a fan base is important. We will argue that it will not go ignored forever, despite the currently tone deafness of owner Cal McNair. 

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Threats to Easterby do nothing to hasten his departure. It actually can do the opposite, transforming the controversial executive into a martyr. ... feeding the idea that Easterby is simply "misunderstood'' or, as the owner said this week "scrutinized unfairly.''

There is a way to "scrutinize fairly.'' We will urge the Houston Texans fan base to find that way.