Legend Andre Johnson Rips Texans & Easterby

The only player in the team's Ring of Honor was rips of the way the Houston Texans do front-office business
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HOUSTON - Andre Johnson is putting the Houston Texans and team exec Jack Easterby on blast.

In a tweet Tuesday, Johnson is critical of the Texans' handling of player's careers and, in particular, the work of executive vice president football operations Jack Easterby. 

Johnson started by posted advice to quarterback Deshaun Watson to "stand (his) ground.'' Watson has reportedly been upset with the operating procedures of the team this offseason. 

Johnson advised Watson that the Texans are known for "wasting" the careers of players. One could surmise that Johnson, who played in just four playoff games for the Texans, is alluding to his 12 years of service in Houston. 

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Then, Johnson took aim at the controversial Jack Easterby. 

"Since Jack Easterby has walk[ed] into the building,'' Johnson wrote, "nothing good has happened in/for the organization and for some reason someone can’t seem to see what’s going on."

This is notable beyond just for the obvious reason: Johnson's status as a player in the organization's history. Additionally, Johnson was a special advisor to the team in 2019, Jack Easterby's first with the organization. 

This marks a rare public comment from someone who worked extensively inside the building alongside Jack Easterby. Johnson also served as an advisor to owner Cal McNair in the team's search of a general manager and head coach. 

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It is even rarer for Johnson to be as at outspoken as this. Many would characterize Andre Johnson as reserved, quiet, and private in the way he does business. 

McNair has stood by Easterby through thin and thin. And Johnson obviously isn't the only person who believes as he said, that almost nothing has gone right since Easterby arrived

The introductory press conference for the new general manager was dominated by questions about Easterby, a non-football person ... but an executive who has among his credentials representation from powerful agent Bob LaMonte, who also reps Caserio. 

And now, one of the very few legends in the franchise's history is singling out, as deserving of football disaster ... an employee who isn't a football person.