Sports Illustrated On Easterby & Texans: 'Chaos & Mistrust'

Jack Easterby is the Houston Texans' Interim GM, But When It Comes To the Coaching Search: Who's in Charge? Sports Illustrated Says It's All About 'Chaos & Mistrust'
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HOUSTON - A month ago, wrote an expose asking "who's in charge?'' as the Houston Texans organization launched its search for the next GM and coach. We reported exclusively on questions about executive vice president and interim general manager Jack Easterby's qualifications to be involved in that search.

Now comes a Sports Illustrated examination of the situation by Jenny Vrentas titled both, "Jack Easterby’s Rise to Power and the Chaos That Followed'' and "The Truth Behind The NFL's Most Polarizing Executive.''

Our Nov. 11 report reveals Easterby's heavy involved in multiple parts of the Texans organization, and questions a resume that claims his qualifications. In that story, we wrote that the setup is "problematic in a number of ways, maybe most of all in its lack of transparency.''

The report of Easterby being directly involved in the coaching search seemingly contradicts what Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair said about Easterby's involvement.

"Jack,'' McNair said, "is really focused on the football and so we'll let him focus on that. That's more than a full-time job for a couple of people, but he's doing that." 

Maybe the power structure has shifted since McNair's stated approach, which also includes the use of a "head-hunting'' firm to assist with the search for new leadership in the wake of Bill O'Brien's firing. 

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What we found regarding "clarity and credentials'':

Based on Easterby's previous biographies, he has some experiences that would lend themselves to helping with the search. Easterby is the executive director and founder of the nonprofit organization "The Greatest Champion.'' At the time of publishing, his website is under maintenance. But prior to the website being removed, Easterby's biography explained he had helped with numerous coaching searches. 

A screenshot of the website in February said Easterby has experience "being entrusted with dozens of head coaching searches at both power-five and mid-major universities for multiple sports."

Easterby 2

However, a screenshot of the website biography from early October saw the number more firmly established. The biography, which previously used the word "dozens,'' newly claimed "over 50" searches that Easterby had been entrusted with. 

Jack Easterby

This is not the first time Easterby's biography has come into question

According to public nonprofit tax records, "The Greatest Champion'' has paid Easterby almost half-a-million dollars to serve as the executive director since 2012. The tax documents listed him as CFO as well as executive director in 2018. In 2019, Easterby was listed as CEO and CFO.

The new SI piece advances the ball with great background work on Easterby's rise to power and otherwise reiterates our concerns in the "qualifications'' department ... details that do not necessarily render Easterby unqualified to be involved in the Houston Texans' search for leadership. But if fans are to view the Texans (who have.yet to respond to our Easterby interview request) as a "public trust'' of sorts, fans therefore deserve not only the finest results from the search, but also "clarity'' and "credentials'' regarding who is in charge of the search.