Is Coach Bieniemy The Texans' 'Front-Runner'?

Mike Fisher

Houston Texans fans are smart enough to be braced for dozen stories just like this one, as fired former head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien's leather office chair remains warm, as 10 games remain in the 2020 NFL season and as candidates to serve as this team's next coach could ebb and flow in the coming playoffs.

But the concept of Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy as a candidate is a no-brainer, even if the report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that Bienemy "could be the front-runner'' for the coming vacancy seems premature.

From the ESPN report:

The Chiefs’ offensive coordinator has been on the head-coach interview circuit the past couple of years but hasn’t managed to get one of the jobs. His contract expires at the end of the season. The Chiefs would love to have him back, but they know he’s probably gone.

Houston definitely has interest, and some believe Bieniemy could already be the front-runner there. The quarterback, overall roster talent and organizational structure will be important to him, and the Texans can offer that, with the willingness to tie a new general manager to the coach.

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We believe in this space we've already covered the obvious nature of the Texans at least interviewing Bienemy, and additionally, the logical concept of creating a "Kansas City, Texans'' environment by also considering top Chiefs exec Mike Borgonzi, their Director of Football Operations, as the GM. The notable success of the Chiefs, in the front office and on the field, especially on offense - where what QB Patrick Mahomes does there can be a blueprint for Deshaun Watson's continued growth - make a ... Bieniemy pairing a sensible consideration. 

But "front-runner''? This cake ... needs to bake. The Texans need upgrades and they need ideas, and the interview process will give all candidates - not just Bieniemy - a chance to shine. So will how candidates' teams perform in the playoffs - though the likelihood of the defending-champion Chiefs doing just fine in the playoffs seems a pretty good bet.

Eric Bienemy absolutely should be on the list for this offseason. ... but this offseason is absolutely a long way off.

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