Jim Kelly: 'If the Bills Don't Win AFC East, Something's Wrong'

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Tom Brady departing the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has created an opportunity for other teams in the AFC East to take advantage of. Hall of Famer and former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly believes Buffalo has no excuse to not win the division. Kelly appeared on CBS Sports radio and said, "If the Bills don't win the AFC East, something's wrong." Kelly went on to say he believes that current Bills quarterback Josh Allen is ready to take the next step and lead Buffalo to a division title for the first time since 1995. 

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Madelyn Burke: Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly says if the bills don't win the AFC East, something is wrong. Kelly was the last quarterback to lead Buffalo to an AFC East title, but he believes the Josh Allen is ready to change that. In a recent appearance on CBS Sports Radio, Kelly predicted that this bill's team will win the AFC East for the first time since he did in 1995, saying that, quote, Now that Brady is gone, I definitely do think that the bills are the team to beat. 

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The bills are coming off a twenty nineteen season in which the team went 10 and six and clinched their second playoff berth in three years. Buffalo was defeated by the Texans in the first round in the Bills have still not won a playoff game since 1995. 

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