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Josh Gordon Seeks Reinstatement Into The NFL

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With several suspensions in his career including an indefinite suspension in December, Josh Gordon says he will be applying for reinstatement soon.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: Josh Gordon is no stranger when it comes to suspension. The former Patriots, Browns and Seahawks receiver has struggled to stay on the field and out of trouble. In fact, Gordon has been suspended five times and only played in 33 games since his all-pro break out campaign in 2013. Joining me now is Seahawk maven Corbin Smith and SI's fantasy and gambling analyst Bill Enright. Corbin, after being suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL substance abuse policy in December, Gordon says he is applying for reinstatement soon. If he does get reinstated, are the Seahawks moving on or keeping him on the roster?

Corbin Smith: So this is going to be really tough to figure out because the Seahawks have made some interesting moves at the receiver position. They signed Philip Dorsett the former Patriot in Free Agency. They used a restricted free agent tender to bring back David Moore. They drafted a couple of players that could be big receivers in tight ends Colby Parkinson and Stephen Sullivan. So they've got a lot of bodies there along with John Orsuwa, their seventh round pick from 2019 coming back as well. But none of those players have the electric playmaking ability that Josh Gordon does when he's on the field. 

And now that Aldon Smith has been reinstated, he hasn't played in a game since 2015. So even with five suspensions in his history, Josh Gordon has to feel good with the new CBA coming out that he's going to be able to be reinstated himself and the Seahawks really enjoyed having him around with the five games they had him last year, a great teammate, the coaches, Russell Wilson, everybody was raving about him for his ability to pick up the plays and get into the playbook, 110 percent effort on the field. So I think when you look at the physical talent, if there's a chance to bring him back, they're certainly going to explore that. But with all the other bodies they've got there, it's not a guarantee the Seahawks are going to bring him back. 

Kaitlin O'Toole: So, Bill, there's some uncertainty if the Seahawks will bring him back, but there's a bigger uncertainty if you will even get reinstated back into the NFL. But let's say he does. Does he still have fantasy value? 

Bill Enright: Absolutely zero fantasy value. It is over like Vince Carter in the NBA slam dunk championship. It's over. Josh Gordon hasn't been relevant in fantasy football since 2013. Now you want to take the reality side of it aside, sure, he could stretch the field for the Seahawks. Maybe he's a decent option for Russell Wilson in that offense. But in terms of fantasy football, he is nothing more than an extreme bye week replacement. Wide receiver is not like running back or tight end in fantasy football. Wide receivers are a dime a dozen. There's a hundred of them out there, and Josh Gordon, to me, he's not even in the top 100. Zero point zero fantasy football value, even if he does get reinstated.

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