By Marc Weinreich
January 30, 2014

Colin Kaepernick said Richard Sherman's self proclaimed best corner in the league comments makes him question how good the cornerback really is in the NFL. (Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Image) Colin Kaepernick said Richard Sherman is afraid of the 49ers receivers. (Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Image)

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick responded Thursday to the Seahawks' Richard Sherman proclaiming he's the best cornerback in the league following San Francisco's loss to Seattle in the NFC Championship.

The Seahawks locked up the game when Sherman tipped a Kaepernick pass into the end zone intended for receiver Michael Crabtree. The deflection was intercepted by linebacker Malcolm Smith.

Speaking to New York Post columnist Bart Hubbuch, Kaepernick said Sherman is "afraid of our receivers" and questioned Sherman's claims in his now infamous interview with Erin Andrews following the game.

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Kaepernick made similar comments to Deadspin's Drew Magary in a separate interview published Thursday.

Last week, the NFL fined Sherman $7,875 for directing a choking gesture at Kaepernick following the NFC title game. Kaepernick, in his comments to The Post, said his potentially game-winning throw to Michael Crabtree would've made Sherman the "goat" had it been completed.

More from Hubbuch's tweets about the interview:

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In his comments to Magary, Kaepernick also spoke about how close the game was to ending differently.

Did your performance in the NFC title game anger you? "The two turnovers before that [last pick] were stupid. The last one was like … it hits you. 'Cause if you throw it a foot farther, we're in the Super Bowl and everyone's like, 'Oh that's the greatest comeback ever! You're a great quarterback!' But I'm gonna play to try to make a play."

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