Hannover 96 lost the match 3–2.

By Kaelen Jones
March 10, 2019

Mother Nature has never been one to show mankind mercy, even for those facing relegation.

Hannover 96 has struggled throughout the course of the season and are currently projected to finish second-to-last in the Bundesliga table. Each season, the lowest two clubs in the German top flight are relegated to the division below.

That said, every point and result is critical to keeping Hannover from dropping down. On Sunday, the club was already down 2–0 against fifth-place Bayer Leverkusen when Genki Haraguchi was presented an open-net chance. But his shot was stopped just inches from crossing the goal line not by a defender, but by the snowy surface on the pitch.

Brutal. Perhaps even more brutal when you consider that Hannover lost the match 3–2. When it comes to breaking your heart, Mother Nature is ice cold.

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