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Which programs could take a major leap in wins in 2017?

These six programs are poised to enjoy a bump in wins in 2017.

Every year a few teams take significant leaps, dramatically improving their records from the previous season. These jumps can save a coach's job or boost a program into the top tier of its conference.

Perhaps the best example in 2016 was Colorado, which notched 10 victories and won the Pac-12 South Division after going 4–9 in 2015. While six-win climbs are rare, we should see at least one similar upswing in 2017. The hard part is predicting the programs that could make that upswing months before the season kicks off. Talent, depth and coaching are important factors, but schedule strength is arguably of equal importance when projecting records. The list below comprises’s best guess at six programs whose win totals should increase this season.

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