Current And Former Alabama Athletes, Coaches React To Ongoing Turmoil, Speak Out

Christopher Walsh

Alabama analyst Charlie Strong's statement: 

"Each year I sit down and make a promise to the families of young men that I will enrich, protect, and improve their son's lives. I find myself at a loss for words imagining what I would say if the George Floyd of this week was on my team. How can I make a promise to protect young men from a system that is not designed to protect them? I have been very fortunate to be a part of a profession that has given me the chance to touch the lives of so many outstanding young men. However, as the father of two girls, I also think about Breonna Taylor, and how Black women and girls are subject to violence even within the walls of their own homes.

"This country was built on strong Christian values and we have yet to uphold them. Unfortunately, race has a major influence on the experiences of many Americans within many systems such as housing, education, health care, and criminal justice. We need equality and justice across all systems.

"Our young men and women must educate themselves on the current issues facing our nation and respect each other in order for a change. Many of our first responders share the same values as we do. Ultimately, it falls on officials to ensure that justice is served, and if we want to see a change, we must all be better. We all have a responsibility to hold everyone accountable in order to rebuild this unjust nation.

"I cannot wrap my head around how anyone's life could be so senselessly taken. When I hear the names George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others who have gone unnoticed or have still not received justice, it brings great pain and frustration, as each of them will always be engraved in our minds. We must rise above the hate and protect one another with love, support, and prayers for the families and our communities. I am inspired by the people in our community who are using their voices to make a change. I see you and I am with you. For those feeling desperate for change, I encourage you to build amidst the destruction. If we do all that we can donate, volunteer, organize, listen, and love, we can work to heal. One day starts today."