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Welcome to BamaCentral!

About us: Everything from the site information to the house rules and how to contact BamaCentral

BamaCentral is your Sports Illustrated home for all things Crimson Tide. 

It's not just a slogan or motto, it's something we take very seriously. 

The BamaCentral rooms

Home: The Home page shows the most recent posts on the site regardless of where they're posted. At the top is our cover story, with the second tier almost always, from left to right, the most recent news story, our video commentary of the day and the Crimson Tide Roll Call.

All Things Bama: Posted at the top are items unique to BamaCentral, including our latest podcast and commentaries.

Forums: Our message board, which are sports specific including football and recruiting, basketball, baseball and softball. Our private boards are for premium subscribers only.

Recruiting: The latest on the next Crimson Tide players, plus everything in league with SI All-American. Tyler Martin oversees the page.

Bama/NFL: The internet's most elaborate database on former Crimson Tide players in the NFL, including weekly updates during the season. Kristi F. Patrick handles the page.

History: Includes Throwback Thursday plus charts and stories specific to the Nick Saban that can't be found anywhere else, which attempt to clarify his place in college football history. Please credit if referring to them. Jimmy Bank is our Crimson Tide historian.

ASWA: The home of the Alabama Sports Writers Association.

The 4-1-1: The nuts and bolts, including the Crimson Tide's roster, eligibility tracker and depth chart.

Instant Analysis  Georgia 33  Alabama 18 at the CFP Title Game
Joey Blackwell - 2021 CFP National Championship Game
Chris Walsh, Tony Tsoukalas - BamaCentral
Katie Windham
Edwin Stanton
Joe Pickren - Bama Central
Christopher Walsh

Please contribute!

Register and join in the conversations. See a story that interests you? Post a link. See a tweet that made you laugh? Share it. Ask questions and throw in your two cents as well. Whatever's on your mind about the Crimson Tide, please add it and participate.

With that, some simple rules:

• Do not lie, cheat, mislead or abuse. No offensive material or personal attacks. If you wouldn't want your mother seeing it, don't post it.

• This is a site dedicated to Alabama athletics. Please go somewhere else for politics, religion and anything sexually-related. Also, no selling or commercial items, and no trolling by non-Crimson Tide fans.

• While we encourage you to post links to interesting stories and items from other websites, please be respectful of pay walls and always give credit.

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• No spamming.

• Violating posts will be deleted and posters may be placed on suspension and/or banned.

• "When in doubt, take the high road," is a site motto. It will be used in deciding disputes and making decisions regarding the site.

• Above all else, have fun.


• The digital version of BamaCentral is $5.99 a month, or $59.99 per year. For the digital service plus the printed editions of Sports Illustrated it's $69.99 per year. To order any of the subscriptions his this link, or call 1-888-602-1557.

• The BamaCentral forums come free with a BamaCentral premium subscription. Otherwise, the cost is $20 a year. 

Suggestion box

Have a question, found a typo or want to share an idea? Contact us at or post in the "Feedback" thread on the message board. We are always looking for ways to improve.

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- Christopher Walsh

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