With the student gone and many shops and restaurants closed due to COVID-19, Tuscaloosa is a ghost town. Despite the changes, one thing has remained constant: Construction.

There are several ongoing projects scattered throughout campus, many of which result in road closure. For example, Wallace Wade Avenue is shut down due to the complete renovation of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Many seniors felt the impact of the stadium construction when looking for places to take graduation pictures. The front of the stadium usually acts as the perfect background for seniors in their cap and gown. 

Since the stadium is in the middle of a face lift, that wasn’t an option this year.

The walk from Reese Phifer Hall to Wallace Wade Ave is filled with the beautiful sight of construction and lovely noises of jackhammers. With the stadium project expected to finish right before football season, this is something we have to get used to.

To anyone not in Tuscaloosa, this is what you are missing.