In 10 days, we'll know which four teams will play for the national championship, when the College Football Playoff selection committee announces the pairings for the semifinals.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, as Alabama has its season finale against Auburn on Saturday (2:30 p.m.), and with a win has to sit and wait during the conference championship games, but the opening lines on potential playoff matchups are very interesting. 

It's a good indication of how the Crimson Tide is viewed without Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback.


LSU vs Ohio State

LSU +3½

Ohio State -3½

LSU vs Clemson

LSU +4½

Clemson -4½

LSU vs Georgia

LSU -3

Georgia +3

LSU vs Alabama

LSU pk

Alabama pk

Ohio State vs Clemson

Ohio State +1

Clemson -1

Ohio State vs Georgia

Ohio State -7½

Georgia +7½

Ohio State vs Alabama

Ohio State -3½

Alabama +3½

Clemson vs Alabama

Clemson -4½

Alabama +4½

Clemson vs Georgia

Clemson -8

Georgia +8

Georgia vs Alabama

Georgia +3½

Alabama -3½