Live Updates from the Iron Bowl: No. 22 Auburn Tigers at No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide

Undefeated Alabama hosts rival Auburn without Nick Saban at Bryant-Denny Stadium

Fourth Quarter

  • Jones pass complete to Harris for 9 yards. First down Alabama at the Auburn 22.
  • Mac Jones connects with Metchie for a 24-yard touchdown. Extra point by Reichard good. Alabama 42, Auburn 6 with 13:27 remaining in the ball game.
  • Drive summary: 12 plays, 68 yards, 5:10.
  • Jones continues to impress, tossing 18-for-26 with 302 yards and five touchdowns.
  • Kickoff by Alabama fair-caught at the Alabama 13. First and 10 Tigers at their own 25-yard line.
  • Nix pass to Stove complete for 10 yards and a Tigers first down at their own 35.
  • Nix pass intercepted by Brian Branch at the Auburn 37, returned to the Tigers' 7-yard line. First and goal Alabama.
  • Brian Robinson fumbles the ball, recovered by Auburn at the Tigers' own 4-yard line. First and 10 Auburn.
  • Nix is flushed out of his own end zone on third down, rushes to the Auburn 19 for a first down.
  • Richards rushes over the left guard for 14 yards and another Tigers first down.
  • Richards rushes for six yards to the Auburn 44. First down Tigers.
  • Nix pass incomplete. However, pass interference called on Jobe. 15 yards and an automatic first down for Auburn at the Alabama 35.
  • Nix 26-yard completion to Shenker. First down Auburn down at the Alabama 8-yard line.
  • Nix rushes over the left guard for a 1-yard touchdown. Extra point by Carlson is good. Alabama 42, Auburn 13.
  • Drive summary: 12 plays, 96 yards, 5:59 seconds.
  • That touchdown is the first touchdown that the Alabama defense has given up since all the way on Oct. 17 against Tennessee ... over a month ago.
  • Auburn kicks off through the end zone. Alabama football at its own 25.
  • Bryce Young has entered the game at quarterback for Alabama.
  • After a quick three-and-out for the Crimson Tide, punter Charlie Scott punts the ball down to the Auburn 39-yard line. First and 10 Tigers.
  • Intentional grounding called on Nix. Second down and 19 to go at the Alabama 44. Auburn has called its second timeout to avoid the 10-second runoff. 28 seconds remain in the game.
  • End of game. Final score: Alabama 42, Auburn 13.
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Third Quarter

  • Auburn kickoff sails through the end zone. First and 10 Alabama at its own 25-yard line.
  • Najee Harris 10-yard rush, first down Crimson Tide at its own 35.
  • Fourth and six for Alabama. Scott out to punt for the Crimson Tide. Christian Tutt fair-catches the ball at the Auburn 25.
  • Nix pass complete for 37 yards to Jackson. First down Auburn at the Alabama 30.
  • Nix pass complete to Stove for a loss of one, tackle by Justin Eboigbe, Josh Jobe. Third and 10 for the Tigers from the Alabama 31.
  • After failing to convert on third down, Carlson hits a 45-yard field goal. Alabama 21, Auburn 6 with 10:36 remaining in the third quarter.
  • Drive summary: seven plays, 47 yards, 3:00.
  • Carlsen kicks the ball off for Auburn. Brian Robinson Jr returns the ball for Alabama to the Crimson Tide 22. First and 10 Alabama.
  • Najee Harris carries the ball 11 yards for a first down at the Alabama 42-yard line.
  • Mac Jones pass complete to DeVonta Smith on the right side. Smith cuts it to the sideline and then bursts around the corner for a 58-yard touchdown. Reichard's extra point is good. Alabama 28, Auburn 6 with 9:08 remaining in the third quarter.
  • Drive summary: three plays, 78 yards, 1:28.
  • With that touchdown reception, Smith is now at five receptions for 162 yards and tw touchdowns.
  • Alabama kicks it to the Auburn 7, returned to the 28 by Shaun Shivers. Tackled made by Malachi Moore. First and 10 Tigers.
  • Nix pass complete to Schwartz. 16 yards on the play, first down Auburn at the 50.
  • Nix is sacked behind the line of scrimmage at the Alabama 39. Third down and 14.
  • Timeout Tigers. They have two timeouts remaining in the second half.
  • Bo Nix pass knocked down by Christian Harris. Fourth and 15, 56-yard field goal attempt by Carlson. Kick is no good. Alabama takes over on downs at its own 39-yard line.
  • Jones sneaks it up the middle on third down to convert. First and 10 Alabama at the 50-yard line.
  • Najee Harris 39-yard rush down the near sideline for a touchdown. Reichard's extra point is good. Alabama 35, Auburn 6 with 4:28 remaining in the third quarter.
  • Drive summary: five plays, 61 yards, 2:07.
  • Alabama kicks off, fair catch at the Auburn 11. Touchback. The Tigers will get the ball at their own 25, first and 10.
  • Nix's pass is incomplete. Fourth and six for the Tigers at their own 29. Auburn punts, Smith back to return. Smith fair-catches the ball at the Alabama 32. First and 10 Crimson Tide.
  • Jones pass complete to Metchie for 13 yards. First and 10 Alabama at the Crimson Tide's 49.
  • DeVonta Smith rush to the left side for 9 yards. First down Alabama at the Auburn 33.
  • End of the third quarter.
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Second Quarter

  • Auburn jumps offsides, bringing it to third and two for Alabama.
  • Jones rushes over the right for five yards. First down Crimson Tide at the Auburn 31.
  • Jones pass to Harris complete on the left sideline, Harris makes it 25 yards to the Auburn 7. First down Alabama.
  • Jones pass complete to John Metchie for a 7-yard touchdown. Extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 14, Auburn 0 with 14:04 remaining in the second quarter.
  • Drive summary: seven plays, 66 yards, 2:21.
  • Alabama kicks off, first and 10 Auburn at its own 19-yard line.
  • Nix pass complete to J.J. Pegues for 10 yards to Auburn 37 and a first down.
  • Alabama's Malachi Moore tackles Schwartz in the backfield for a loss of three.
  • Nix pass complete to Schwartz, Schwartz then fumbles the ball on the Alabama 49. The Crimson Tide recovers at the 50. After review, call is overturned as Schwartz's knee was shown to be down. First and 10 Auburn at the Alabama 49-yard line.
  • Chris Allen as exited the medical tent and is back on the field for Alabama.
  • Nix pass incomplete. Fourth down and three yards to go. The Tigers attempt a field goal. Anders Carlson's 47-yard attempt is good. Alabama 14, Auburn 3 with 8:51 remaining in the first half.
  • Drive summary: 12 plays, 51 yards, 5:13.
  • Auburn kicks off, kick sails through the end zone for a touchback. First and 10 Alabama at its own 25-yard line.
  • Jones' pass complete to Metchie for five yards, first down Alabama at its own 39.
  • Najee Harris 19-yard rush on the near side. First down Alabama at the Auburn 42.
  • Jones' pass intended for DeVonta Smith falls incomplete, but there is a flag for pass interference. First and 10 Crimson Tide at the Tigers 27.
  • Jones pass complete to Billingsley for a 24-yard score. Reichard extra point is good. Alabama 21, Auburn 3 with 6:24 remaining in the first half.
  • Drive summary: five plays, 75 yards, 2:27.
  • Jones has now completed six-consecutive passes after starting the game 0-for-2. He totals 9-for-12 with 174 yards and three touchdowns.
  • Alabama kicks the ball off to the Auburn 15-yard line, tackled at the 33 by Alabama. First and 10 Tigers.
  • Nix pass complete to Eli Stove for six yards, first down Auburn at its own 45-yard line.
  • Nix pass incomplete. Fourth and 10 Auburn from its own 45. The Crimson Tide too many men on the field on the ensuing punt and was forced to use a timeout to avoid a penalty. Alabama has two timeouts remaining in the first half.
  • Auburn punt by Aidan Marshall, Smith deep to return. Fair catch by Smith at the Crimson Tide's own 17-yard line. First and 10 Alabama.
  • Brian Robinson Jr. carries the ball for 15 yards and an Alabama first down at its own 37.
  • Jones' pass incomplete to John Metchie. Fourth down.
  • Scott punts the ball, fielded by Auburn at its own 16-yard line. Fair catch.
  • Nix sideline pass complete to Seth Williams for a 17-yard reception, first down Auburn at its own 42.
  • Nix sideline pass complete to Kobe Hudson for 20 yards. First down Tigers at the Alabama 38.
  • Timeout Auburn with 20 seconds left in the first half. The Tigers have one timeout remaining.
  • Nix pass intercepted by Malachi Moore. First and 10 Alabama at its own 28-yard line.
  • Alabama kneels the ball to end the first half. Alabama 21, Auburn 3. The Crimson Tide will get the ball to start the second half.
  • Halftime.
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First Quarter

  • Auburn has won the toss and has elected to receive. Alabama will be kicking off, defending the south end zone.
  • Auburn received the kick and returned it to the 17-yard line. The Tigers were also called for holding, so they will be starting their drive at their own 9-yard line.
  • Auburn quarterback Bo Nix sacked by linebacker Chris Allen for a loss of three yards. Three-and-out to start the game for the Tigers, who are now forced to punt.
  • Crimson Tide wide receiver DeVonta Smith returns the punt from the Auburn 45, returns it 11 yards to the Auburn 34. First down Alabama.
  • Alabama gets called for illegal formation. Third and 15 from the Auburn 39 for Alabama.
  • Mac Jones pass incomplete. Charlie Scott punts for Alabama. Auburn calls for the fair catch at its own 11-yard line. Back-to-back three-and-outs to start the 2020 Iron Bowl. First down Auburn at its own 11.
  • Mac Jones has started the game 0-for-2. Najee Harris has one rush for no yards.
  • Patrick Surtain sticks Seth Williams in the Auburn backfield for a loss of four yards. Third and 11 for the Tigers.
  • Nix pass complete to John Samuel Shenker. First down Auburn at its own 22 yard lin.
  • Nix is sacked for the second time, this time by Barmore for a two-yard loss. Second and 12 for the Tigers on their own 32.
  • Nix pass incomplete, intended for Williams. Auburn is forced to punt.
  • DeVonta Smith receives the punt at the Alabama 21, fair catch. First and 10 Crimson Tide from its own 21. Alabama will begin its drive with 7:01 remaining in the first quarter.
  • Jones 9-yard pass to Billingsley for an Alabama first down.
  • Jones 66-yard pass to a wide-open DeVonta Smith for the first touchdown of the game. Smith had no one within 10 yards of him in the middle of the field. Extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 7, Auburn 0 with 5:10 remaining in the first quarter.
  • Drive summary: four plays, 78 yards, 1:51.
  • Auburn will start its drive at its own 19-yard line.
  • Alabama called for offsides. 5-yard penalty, second and five for Auburn on its own 24.
  • Tank Bigsby carries the ball for Auburn, is tackled in the backfield for a loss of one.
  • Nix scrambles for a nine-yard gain. First and 10 Auburn.
  • Timeout Auburn with 3:12 remaining in the first quarter.. The Tigers have two timeouts remaining in the first half.
  • Chris Allen has entered the medical tent for Alabama.
  • Nix carries the ball for 21 yards, but the rush is negated by a holding call on Auburn. Second and 19 for the Tigers on their own 23-yard line.
  • Fourth down. Auburn is forced to punt once again. Smith back to receive, fields the ball at the 27-yard line and is brought down as the 34. First and 10 Crimson Tide.
  • Jones sacked by Big Kat Bryant for a four-yard loss. Second and 14 at the Alabama 30-yard line.
  • Jones pass complete to Smith for a 26-yard gain to the Auburn 44. First down Alabama.
  • End of the first quarter.
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College GameDay

We start off with something different today. 

College GameDay broadcasted from Tuscaloosa on Saturday morning, and since fans weren't a factor, and it was probably easier from a security standpoint, they did the show from on top of a parking deck.

Yes, Lee Corso did pick the Crimson Tide. 

Also, Joe Namath did his picks remotely. 

There's a lot of crimson behind him on the shelves. 


  • As pregame ritual, Kristen Saban Setas has delivered her lucky penny to her father.

• Today is actually Senior Day for the 2020 football team. 

• Steve Sarkisian led Alabama down the Walk of Champions.

  • Today's officiating crew: Jason Autrey, referee; Walt Hill, umpire; Chad Green, linesman; Chuck Rice, line judge; Martin Hankins, back judge; J. Middlebrooks, field judge; Glen Fucik, side judge; Jason McArthur, center judge.
  • The footballs handed out to senior Crimson Tide players on senior day are painted and ready to go:
  • Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian has entered the stadium in front of the team:

Pre-game Warmups

  • The Crimson Tide quarterbacks have begun warming up on the field. Along with starter Mac Jones, the most notable player on the field is Paul Tyson, who was missing from last week's game due to being exposed to COVID-19.
  • Place kicker Will Reichard and the rest of the kickers and holders are not out on the field warming up. Reichard is 54-for-54 on field goals and extra points so far this season.
  • Center Landon Dickerson and the other centers and long snappers have entered the stadium. Dickerson started out his time by jogging around and hugging all of the quarterbacks.
  • The defense along with the rest of the team has run out onto the field to complete warm-ups.
  • Today's team captains for Alabama: Alex Leatherwood, Miller Forristall, LaBryan Ray.
  • Wide receiver Xavier Williams is in street clothes and is not participating in today's warm-ups. He appears to be out for the game.
  • Wide receiver Slade Bolden, who hurt his ankle last week against Kentucky, is dressed out and warming up on the field with the rest of the receivers. He does not appear to be struggling and it looks like he will be playing in today's game.
  • The players of both teams have exited the field. Kickoff will be underway at approximately 2:39 p.m. CT.

Iron Bowl Preview

It's not very often that Alabama has a shot at revenge as the Crimson Tide usually has just one opportunity a year since Nick Saban took over in 2007.

However, the 2020 team didn't get that chance at LSU when the Nov. 14 game at Baton Rogue was postponed (and appears more likely to be canceled with each passing day) due to coronavirus issues with the Tigers.

So Alabama might have to settle with the chance to get even with rival Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

The Tigers won a dramatic 48-45 victory over Alabama last season, ending the Crimson Tide's national title hopes and knocking it out of the College Football Playoff for the first time.

Amazingly, everyone on the coaching staff knows just how important it'll be for Alabama to come back and get the win as the only new assistant coach, Freddie Roach is a former Crimson Tide player.

Not only could the Crimson Tide (7-0) clinch the SEC West, but it’s considered a huge favorite to return to the playoff.

So we'll cut to the chase on a couple of statistics:

- Saban hasn't lost to Auburn twice in a row at Alabama.

- He's 4-1 against the Tigers in Tuscaloosa.

- The average score in the four meetings after Auburn won is 46.25-19.75.

What does that all mean in a rivalry game like this? Absolutely nothing.

Where: Bryant-Denny Stadium

When: 2:30 p.m., Saturday

TV: Play-By-Play: Brad Nessler, Analysts: Gary Danielson, Sideline: Jamie Erdahl

Radio: Crimson Tide Sports Network (Play-By-Play: Eli Gold, Analyst: John Parker Wilson, Sideline: Roger Hoover, Host: Chris Stewart) CTSN; Sirius 138/191; Compass Radio: (Play-By-Play: TJ Rives, Analyst: Tiki Barber)

Weather forecast: Cloudy. High 64. Winds 5-10 mph. Sunset 4:42 p.m.

Last meeting: Having taken over for injured quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Mac Jones made his first road start and was 26-for-39 for 335 yards and four touchdowns, but also had two costly interceptions that returned for touchdowns, including one for 100 yards, as Auburn pulled out a dramatic 48-45 victory. Jaylen Waddle scored four touchdowns, three on receptions and the other on a 98-yard kickoff return. Among the numerous notable moments in the game, Joseph Bulovas had a 30-yard field goal attempt hit the left upright with 2:00 left, and an Auburn field goal at the end of the first half led to a rule change by the NCAA. After JaTarvious Whitlow was tackled just before the game clock hit zero, officials reviewed the play and put a second back on the clock with Anders Carlson making a 52-yard-field goal. The new rule: "If the game clock expires at the end of a half and replay determines that there was time remaining and the clock should start on the referee’s signal after review, there must be at least three seconds remaining, when the ball should have been declared dead, to restore time to the clock. If less than three seconds remain on the game clock, the half is over."

The series: Alabama and Auburn will meet for the 85th time on Saturday. Alabama holds a 46-37-1 (.554) lead in a series that dates back to the 1893 season. The Crimson Tide and Tigers first met on Feb. 22, 1893, at Birmingham’s Lakeview Park with the Tigers claiming 32-22 victory. Alabama has won eight of the last 12 meetings.

Saban vs. Auburn: Alabama head coach Nick Saban is 10-8 in his career against Auburn, including 8-5 at Alabama. His LSU teams went 2-3 against Auburn from 2000-04. Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn is 3-4 against the Crimson Tide.