CFP Rankings Stunner: Alabama Drops All the Way to No. 12

Christopher Walsh

Alabama can start thinking about warmer weather, but not for the game anticipated. 

Tuesday night, the latest College Football Playoff rankings dropped the Crimson Tide all the way to No. 12.

It was Alabama's worst ranking of the College Football playoff era. 

Although things can still change with the upcoming conference championship games,  Alabama is out of consideration for a traditional New Year's Day bowl.

By dropping to fifth in the SEC selection process it could possibly play in the Citrus Bowl (with Michigan a possible opponent) or maybe even the Outback Bowl (Minnesota), both on January 1.  

When asked if the drop from No. 5 was as simple as the head-to-head with Auburn, committee chairman Rob Mullens said: "Head-to-head is certainly a key part of it. It also matters what happens around you.

"Alabama, their only two losses are to a No. 2 and a No. 11 team. However, they only have two wins over Power 5 teams with winning records, both Texas A&M and Tennessee, who are 7-5. When you look at Auburn, obviously they have the head-to-head. They also beat the No. 13 team. Close losses to No. 2 and No. 4. Specifically when you look at those two, the head-to- head probably did carry the day at the end of the day."

Here's the top 25, with the final rankings set to be announced Sunday:

1 Ohio State 12-0

2 LSU 12-0

3 Clemson 12-0

4 Georgia 11-1

5 Utah 11-1

6 Oklahoma 11-1

7 Baylor 11-1

8 Wisconsin 10-2

9 Florida 10-2

10 Penn State 10-2

11 Auburn 9-3

12 Alabama 10-2

13 Oregon 10-2

14 Michigan 9-3

15 Notre Dame 10-2

16 Iowa 9-3

17 Memphis 11-1

18 Minnesota 10-2

19 Boise State 11-1

20 Cincinnati 10-2

21 Appalachian State 11-1

22 Southern California 8-4

23 Virginia 9-3

24 Navy 9-2

25 Oklahoma State 8-4