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Everything Nick Saban Said on Wednesday of Arkansas Week

Saban met with reporters one final time before the team's trip to play the Razorbacks.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Alabama head football coach Nick Saban met with reporters for one final time ahead of this weekend's game at No. 20 Arkansas.

The Crimson Tide enter this weekend's game with a perfect 4-0 record, while the Razorbacks are coming off of a heartbreaking 23-21 loss to Texas A&M.

Keep refreshing the page for live updates from tonight's press conference. This story will be updated with video and a full Saban transcript from Wednesday night.

Live Updates

  • The press conference is scheduled to start at approx. 6 p.m. CT.
  • Saban is very impressed with Arkansas' offensive line. "Those guys are tough, man," Saban said.
  • Injury update: Byron Young and Jordan Battle both practiced today, and Saban said both are hopeful for the game. However, both are also still day-to-day.
  • JoJo Earle is also day-to-day, but has practiced this week.
  • Saban said that his thoughts and prayers are with those in the state of Florida during Hurricane Ian. Saban himself owns a beach house down in Boca Grande.
  • Quick press conference today. Saban has left the podium.

Nick Saban Transcript - September 28, 2022

Opening Statement

“This is a really tough challenge for us, playing a really good team on the road, that has a really good offense to defend, lot of good players, really talented quarterback who can beat you running and passing, extending plays. Their defense is playing very, very well; they have a great pass rush. We need to have great focus on what we need to do to prepare and play well for this game because it’s going to be a very difficult game for us.

“It's a great challenge for us. We’ll be able to see where we are as a team. Psychologically I think everybody has to know this is the toughest challenge of the year.”

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On preparing the offensive line for road noise...

“All you can do is practice with noise. We’ll do it tomorrow. We did it twice for Texas. This is not the first time we’ve ever had to play on the road with a lot of noise. More experienced players can handle it. Hopefully the preparation tomorrow will help us get through it and be more prepared for it.”

On the skills of the Razorbacks offensive line...

“Those guys are tough, man. They’re physical, they play hard. They do a great job of doing what they do well. They are really well-coached. I think it’s a reflection of Sam’s personality and that’s how their whole team is and that’s what makes them really a good team. They are good, but they have mental and physical toughness and really play hard and play together as a group.”

Regarding the injury status of Byron Young and Jordan Battle...

“Both guys practiced some today so hopefully they’ll both be ready for the game, but it’s day-to-day. When you have these kind of injuries it’s how they feel the next day. So we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”

On if he saw Jahmyr Gibbs filling the role of both running back and wideout...

“Yeah, we thought he was a multi-talented guy. Obviously, anytime you get a guy here you evaluate him in terms of thinking he’s a really good player. You see what he did at the last school, but once you get him here you see how he fits well for us and how we can use his skill set to our advantage. He didn’t do a lot of that that I saw on film where he was before, but he certainly has been good at it for us here because he’s a very good athlete and a really good receiver.”

Update on JoJo Earl at practice...

“He’s practiced this week, but again the same day-to-day as these guys coming off injuries. It’s not always about just what they were able to do today, but how does it affect tomorrow. We’ll see how he is on a day-to-day basis and make a decision on that tomorrow.”

Regarding Hurricane Ian and its impact on the state of Florida...

“Hey, it’s sitting right on top of my house. My thoughts and prayers are out to everybody in this situation, but we certainly feel it, too. We have not only a respect, admiration, compassion for the people who are affected by this all over the state of Florida because we feel the pain as well. We’re hopeful that no one gets injured and everybody is safe and the damage is not too devastating.”