Postcard from Tuscaloosa: Work Begins On Football Building Entrance

Construction and renovations continue on and around the University of Alabama campus, including at Bryant-Denny Stadium and the Mal Moore Athletic Facility
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The summer heat has started to settle in, and even though the temperature was only in the mid-80s Saturday there's definitely a different feel in the air. 

It also means shade is at a premium for the next few months. 

Driving around, the first thing that jumped out at me was the work being done on the entrance to the Mal Moore Athletic Facility. The timing makes sense as this was supposed to be the time period with the fewest amount of students on campus before everything shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Granted, the photo isn't very the greatest, but you can sort of see how everything's been stripped down in the lobby. 

Mal Moore Complex construction, May 30, 2020

Per Alabama, the lobby will be completely renovated. The reception desk relocated, and a new vestibule, staircase, and video elements all installed. 

The locker room is being redesigned with a new layout, lockers, and lounge space. The training room and equipment rooms are being flipped, which means the equipment room will be on the left side under the stairs. 

Looking to the left of the building, the Sports Performance Center is really beginning to take shape. Additionally, work on the overpass that will cut through the parking lot at Coleman Coliseum is picking up, although the biggest parts of the project have yet to be seen there.

Alabama Sports Performance Center, May 30

Down the street, the work continues at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Despite the recent shutdown due to a coronavirus outbreak. It activity level doesn't quite to be on the same level, but that may be because most of the reworked frame appears to be in place and it is a weekend. 

Meanwhile, just beyond the stadium there's an incredible amount of construction. The condo project across the street continues, there's another just around the corner and then there's the following:

This the view stepping out the door of "The Bear Trap." You can't tell, but there was a swarm of workers below ground level where the foundation work was ongoing, a lot more than at Bryant-Denny Stadium this afternoon./