SEC Football Power Rankings: Week 11

Joey Blackwell

As promised after Week 10, we have an undisputed king of the SEC after the dust of Week 11 settled.

While Alabama kept it close near the end, LSU jumped out to a huge early lead that ended up being insurmountable for the Crimson Tide. The victory for the Tigers secured their grip on the No. 1 spot in the Power Rankings and, barring an unexpected disaster, it is safe to assume it will be their spot for the remainder of the regular season.

Florida moves up to No. 2 in the rankings after a 56-0 rout of Vanderbilt. Alabama drops to third, one spot below the Gators. The Crimson Tide’s drop to third signifies their lackluster play on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Sure, it came back and kept it close, but the Alabama team that was on the field this weekend would probably struggle against the Gators at this point.

The remainder of the rankings is rather predictable. Georgia tops the remaining teams in the fourth spot, followed by Texas A&M and Auburn.

Tennessee gets the unofficial ‘most improved team of the week’ award in this week’s Power Rankings. The Volunteers defeated Kentucky in Lexington for the first time since 2015, and the state of Tennessee should be excited. Since their loss to Alabama, the Volunteers have been on a roll, defeating South Carolina, UAB and the Wildcats. While it has no shot at an SEC Championship appearance due to both Georgia and Florida winning this weekend, Tennessee has a lot to be excited about if they can keep up the momentum heading into next season.

Check out the power rankings after Week 11:

1. LSU (9-0)

2. Florida (8-2)

3. Alabama (8-1)

4. Georgia (8-1)

5. Texas A&M (6-3)

6. Auburn (7-2)

7. Tennessee (5-5)

8. Missouri (5-4)

9. Kentucky (4-5)

10. Mississippi State (4-5)

11. Ole Miss (4-6)

12. South Carolina (4-6)

13. Vanderbilt (2-7)

14. Arkansas (2-8)

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No. 1-1

There was always going to be some skepticism until the scoreboard showed triple zeros and a bigger number of focuses for LSU than Alabama. But the tigers did it, They actually did it. They really did it. They beat crimson tide for the first time since 2011. Presently coursework help they have greater fish to fry. This team is probably the front-runner to win the national title.