What American Sports Can Learn From Other Attempts to Restart Around the World

Coronavirus Crisis and Sports takes a took at the struggles of the Chinese Basketball Association to re-open, and what other sports are doing
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The Chinese Basketball Association was the first pro league to shut down and was supposed to be the first back. But there's been delay after delay — even as China reopens and soccer and baseball restart in other countries. 

So what's the problem? What does it mean for basketball worldwide? And what can the NBA learn from its struggles?

“It’s just a big disaster,” says one American player in China of the CBA's struggle to re-start, which has left others like him in limbo. “They called us back for nothing.”

The league was going to return in April. Then May. Not it's July. 

More than a dozen conversations with CBA players, coaches, team officials and agents revealed a deep frustration with how the league has yo-yoed from decision to decision with little explanation.

Will leagues around the world, which are eager to return to action, take longer to return in the wake of coronavirus?

“Don’t hurry,” said one executive with NBA ties. “China initially wanted to hurry. Then they got more information about the virus and they slowed it down.

“The other thing is this, and this is very important: It changed daily. They may say, this is a good idea, and then the next day rethink it. I think you’ll see that with the NBA.”

Alex Prewitt has today's Daily Cover for Sports Illustrated. 

He also made an appearance an a jam-packed Coronavirus and Sports Podcast, which includes an MLS update with Taylor Twellman and Alejandro Bedoya.

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Meanwhile, While the NFL rolled out its schedule with much fanfare, the commissioner of the CFL said its season is likely to be canceled

Finally, here’s everything you need to know about the German Bundesliga’s return to play

College football

You may have noticed a report this week that students returning to campuses may not be a pre-requisite for the return of college football. 

There's one very important hurdle, though, that likely won't be cleared. The decision will come down to the university presidents, and the chances of that are almost none they'll do so. It would minimize the entire college experience argument that schools use to justify their tuition rates. 

Moreover, the NCAA won't allow it either because if college athletes are supposed to be just like every other student, how can you rationalize them being the only people on campus just so they can play sports? 

That’s an admission that their roles as athletes supersede their roles as students.

It's becoming more and more apparent that of all the major sports college football will have the toughest challenges coming back. 

Did you notice?

• Jim Harbaugh is urging the NFL and NCAA to allow players to declare for the draft after any season they choose

• The XFL is trying to find a buyer to purchase the whole league out of bankruptcy

• Which individual pitches would you take to build the perfect MLB pitcher?

The lighter side

• Jason Hehir, the director of The Last Dance, said he’s “shocked” Jordan approved the seventh and eighth installments of the series, which include footage of Jordan being a real jerk in practice.

• There's a small problem with this Carl Crawford card, it features a player who is not Carl Crawford

• Peyton Manning takes aim at Tom Brady:

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